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    Professor Manuel Cifuentes practiced as rural physician in the Chilean Patagonia and earned a master's degree in public health, before specializing and working in adult psychiatry. He completed a doctoral degree in epidemiology at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Cifuentes has worked at Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety as Research Scientist and at the University of Massachusetts as a graduate professor of biostatistics and epidemiology. Currently, he is part of the School of Health Sciencespublic health program, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses and assisting Regis College researchers in research methodology and biostatistics.


    Doctor of Science in Epidemiology (ScD), University of Massachusetts, 2006

    Residence in Psychiatry, University of Concepcion, 1995

    Master of Public Health (MPH), School of Public Health, University of Chile, 1992

    Doctor of Medicine (MD), University of Concepcion, 1987


    Dr. Cifuentes teaching philosophy emphasizes the aspects of discovery, self-learning and interpretation of information in relation to the multiple aspects of public health. His research agenda covers occupational and environmental health, with focus on psychosocial and mental health issues.

    Peer-reviewed publications

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    Books and Chapters

    Cifuentes M. "Salud Mental y Trabajo en el Anciano (Elder’s Mental Health and Work)." in Bases conceptuales. Clínica y Terapéutica Integral Psicogeriatría. Edits. Pilar Quiroga, Gustavo Rohde. Sociedad Chilena de Psiquiatría, Neurología y Neurocirugía. Santiago. Chile. 2001

    Non-peer-reviewed publications

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