10 courses:
  • SW-401

    Integrating Seminar

    This course is designed for senior social work students as their final class in social work; it is an opportunity for students to integrate and demonstrate their learning in social work as a result of required classes taken at Regis to satisfy the requirements for a BSW degree. Students will complete a research paper for the course that relates to their field placement. Prerequisites: SW 202, SW 303A, SW 304A, SW 327, SW 330, SW 331, SW 335, SW 347, SW 410C. Students will take SW 336 concurrently with the Integrating Seminar.
  • SW-410C


    The junior internship in social work is a semester long course which involves working at a social service or social action agency for a minimum of eight hours a week. Supervision by an MSW is preferred. It is an opportunity for students to get their feet wet, gain some experience, and to explore areas of interest to them in the social work field. Prerequisites: SW 202, 303, 304, 330 This course is taken concurrently with SW 331.
  • SW-430

    Field Work Seminar I

    Classes focus on integrating social work practice in various field agencies with classroom learning. The course is designed to help students in their field placements and provide a structured environment to discuss students' field experiences. Students will concentrate on developing skills required in agency work, including use of supervision, collaboration with other professionals, legal and ethical issues, case management, and documentation. Students will discuss cases that involve issues of gender, poverty, ethical dilemmas, and diversity. Prerequisites: SW 202, SW 303A, SW 304A, SW 330, SW 331, SW 410C.