5 courses:
  • PH-101

    Introd. to Philosophy I

    This course offers an introduction to philosophical thinking through reading and discussion of some of the philosophical questions raised by major philosophers.
  • PH-102

    Humans Technological Society

    A consideration of the nature of human beings, centered around the questions: Are human beings machines? Are human beings social? What are human values with respect to the mechanical and electronic means of advancing of destroying human life?
  • PH-103

    Philosophy and Literature

    This course introduces students to some of the questions asked by philosophers through the course of history by readings selected from the works of well-known philosophers and literary persons.
  • PH-104

    How We Think:An Intro.to Logic

    This course offers an introduction to some of the elements of correct thinking: induction, deduction, validity, syllogism, truth-functions, and implication.