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  • PBH-600


    This course is designed to teach master's-level students the basic principles of biostatistical analysis, epidemiological analysis, and design and analysis of clinical trials. Topics include study design, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing; sample size and power calculations; analysis of variance; correlation and regression; multiple regression and statistical control of confounding; and survival analysis. This course provides students with the skills to perform, present, and interpret basic statistical analyses. For the more advanced topics (regression techniques and survival analyses), the focus is on interpretative skills and critically reading the literature.
  • PBH-606

    Analysis Public Health Issues

    In this course select issues that are critical to the health of the public are analyzed in order to gain an understanding of public health practice. Students will examine existing data, current and proposed public policy and current practice in order to gain an understanding of the field of public health.
  • PBH-613

    Global Public Health Exp.

    This course will allow students the rare opportunity to examine firsthand the healthcare system of a developing country. It will focus on access to healthcare in the context of the socioeconomic and political status of the country. Through lectures and visits to important sites in the country, students will learn about the culture, history and politics of the country as well as the public health infrastructure. This is a faculty led short-term travel course with an accompanying seminar.
  • PBH-633

    Intro. Epidemiology Methods

    This course will introduce students to the basic principles and methods of epidemiology. The course will cover methods used in research studies that address the distribution and determinants of disease in the population. This course is intended to provide an introduction to the skills needed to critically evaluate the epidemiologic literature relevant to public health professionals.
  • PBH-635

    Contemp.Issues Eviron.Hlth

    Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health will address current issues and concepts in the field of environmental health. It is intended to provide students with an understanding of how environmental factors impact the health of individu als and the community. This course will also cover the efforts that have been made to prevent or minimize the negative impact of environmental toxins. Emphasis is placed on providing students with an understanding of the health hazards resulting from expos ure to physical, chemical, and biological hazards; vectors for dissemination (water, soil, fomites and air); solid and hazardous waste; susceptible populations; the scientific basis for policy development; and emerging global environmental health issues.