3 courses:
  • NEU-322

    Learning and Memory

    Prerequisites: PS203 and PS204 or NEU2XX or instructor's permission This course will provide an introduction to a range of topics within the field of learning and memory and will extend from the physiological/biochemical basis of learning to the behavioral level. Students will also explore the theoretical principles of operant and respondent conditioning under a variety of settings as they relate to Applied Behavior Analysis. Students will learn how to articulate the science of learning and behavior in both scientific and layman terms.
  • NEU-323

    Learning and Memory

    Perception results from a complex series of processes that combine to give rise to our experience and facilitate our reaction to events in the environment. In this course, factors that determine what we perceive are studied, including organization and input from sensory systems and the effects of attention and past experience. Implications for the formation of bias and perceptual development will also be considered.
  • NEU-324

    Drugs,Brain & Behavior

    This course will focus on the biological mechanisms through which psychoactive drugs produce changes in behavior. We will take an in depth look at commonly abused drugs such as amphetamine and alcohol and discuss current theories of addiction. We will also focus on drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression examining the effects of various substances on brain function.