4 courses:
  • IT-303

    Italian Composition & Convers.

    Development of written and oral expression. Extensive practice in compositions, conversation and oral reports to help increase the student's fluency in self-expression. Prerequisite IT 202 or P. G.
  • IT-307

    Masters in Italian Literature

    A study of passages from leading Italian authors, such as Dante, Manzoni, Tomasi di Lampedusa. Oral discussions to improve the students' ability to express themselves. Readings to develop an appreciation of three different regions: Central, Northern and Southern Italy. Prerequisite IT 202 or P.
  • IT-308

    Italy Today

    Social, political, economic aspects of today's Italy examined through articles of journalists and contemporary writers. Systematic readings of cultural and every day life events from magazines and La Stampa. Viewing and discussion of excerpts from current Italian TV news programs. Prerequisite IT 202 or P.