1 courses:
  • HP-103

    Introduction to Nutrition

    Introduction to Nutrition will introduce students to basic nutrition concepts, such as how food nourishes the body, and the role of nutrition in human health. An emphasis will be places on the roles of key nutrients in the body including water, minerals, vitamins, fats, protein and carbohydrates. In addition, this course will examine the components of a nutritious diet, dietary recommendations intended to guide the public, the relationship between nutrition and fitness, energy balance and body weight, diet and disease, food safety and food technology, social and economic factors that drive nutrition choices and the global nutrition environment. This course will delve into to the complexities of current topics and controversies in nutrition such as: Do popular weight-loss diets work? Whose diet is best for optimal health; vegetarians or meat eaters? Are new food technologies safe? (N.B.:This course is intended for non-nutrition majors and will not fulfill the requirement for Nutrition majors and Nursing students)