15 courses:
  • EN-401B


    This seminar provides an in-depth study of the literature of a time period with an emphasis on cultural, historical, and aesthetic contexts that enrich understanding of literature of the time. Alternatively, the seminar may examine the works of one major writer with a focus on the development of the writer's life, literary, historical, and cultural influences, and his or her enduring legacy. Prerequisite: senior standing or instructor permission
  • EN-402

    Seminar:Modern English Novel

    Reading analysis and interpretation of novels from Hardy to Tolkien to discover the imaginative qualities and relevance of Conrad, Joyce, Woolf, Lawrence, Durrell and others.
  • EN-402A

    Sem:Crit Theory & Fiction

    Theory and Prose Fiction: an advanced seminar in the analysis of extended fiction through applications of diverse critical theories with particular attention to feminist criticism. Emphasis will be placed on the interactions of race, class, gender and the literary text. Prerequisite: EN 105, Senior Standing or Instructor Permission.
  • EN-402B

    Sem:Jane Austen & Contemp.Wor

    This senior seminar will examine all six of Jane Austen?s novels, their historical contexts, current critical commentaries, as well as explosion of adaptations, contemporary film versions and other cultural artifacts of the last few decades.