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  • CJ-100

    Intro to Criminal Justice

    This course provides a general introduction to the study of the criminal justice system in the United States. Topics to be covered will include the nature and origins of crime, police work and law enforcement, court procedures and processes, corrections systems in the United States, probation, parole, and juvenile justice.
  • CJ-101

    Law Enforcement

    This course will present a survey and analysis of law enforcement in the United States. Topics to be covered will include the structures, processes, and missions of state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies, the history of law enforcement, police and community relationships, police culture and behavior, the moral/ethnical dimensions of police work, emerging law enforcement technology, and law enforcement as a career choice. Prerequisite: CJ 100.
  • CJ-102

    Criminal Law

    The course will examine the nature, purpose, and scope of criminal law in the United States. Emphasis is placed on illustration of specific elements, rules, doctrines, and defenses through studying court cases and case studies relating to various aspects of criminal law.
  • CJ-202


    In this course the major criminological theories of crime will be examined from a historical, empirical, and public policy perspective. While examining various types of criminal activity, students will analyze the nature of both historical and contemporary approaches to crime, as well as issues involving crime prevention, criminal behavior, and the criminal mind. Prerequisite(s): CJ 100