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TH-201 Oral Interpretation
TH-203 Introd. to Theatre
TH-204 Movement/Physical Theatre
TH-205 Technical Theatre
TH-206 Women in Theatre
TH-207 Acting
TH-208 Musical Theatre
TH-216 World Theatre in Its Context
TH-301 Sem I:Design for Theatre
TH-303 Theatre Young Audiences
TH-304 StudyAbr:Topics-Lit&Theatre
TH-305 Technical Theatre
TH-306 Directing
TH-307 Acting
TH-307A Advanced Acting
TH-308 Playwriting
TH-311 Oral History & Performance
TH-317 Production Styles
TH-319 Styles of Dance
TH-320C Special Topics: Capstone
TH-321 Contemporary Stage
TH-322A Special Top:Theatre Practicum
TH-325 Drama as Learning Medium
TH-326 The Lively Arts/Lab
TH-327 Museum Theatre
TH-401 Sem:Production Styles
TH-409A Independent Study
TH-409B Tutorial
TH-409C Internship
TH-410A Independent Study
TH-410B Tutorial
TH-410C Internship
TH-413A Regis - London Program
TH-414A Regis - London Program
TH-511 Oral History and Performance
TH-527 Museum Theatre
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