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NU-105 Normal Nutrition
NU-201 Intro to Nursing
NU-203 Intro. to Nursing
NU-205 Nutrition Along Hlth Continuum
NU-205A Nutrition Along Hlth Continuum
NU-301 Baccalaureate Nursing Seminar
NU-302 Essentials of Nursing
NU-302A Essentials in Nursing
NU-303 Research Based Nursing
NU-304 Health Assessment in Nursing
NU-304A Health Assessment in Nursing
NU-304B Health Assessment for Nursing
NU-304C Health Assessment for Nursing
NU-304X Lab
NU-304XC Lab
NU-305A Foundations of NU Practice
NU-309 Community Health Nursing I
NU-309X Clinical
NU-310 Community Health Nursing II
NU-310X Clinical
NU-315 Complex Nursing I
NU-315X Clinical
NU-316 Complex Nursing II
NU-316X Clinical
NU-320 Pharmacology for Nursing
NU-320A Pharmacology for Nursing
NU-320B Pharmacology for Nursing
NU-321 Nursing Care of Aging Adult
NU-321A Nursing Care of Aging Adult
NU-321B Nursing Care of Aging Adult
NU-322A Clinical Pharmacology I
NU-323A Clinical Pharmacology II
NU-324 Professional Nursing
NU-324A Professional Nursing
NU-324B Professional Nursing
NU-324X Clinical
NU-325 Acute Care Nursing
NU-325A Acute Care Nursing
NU-325B Acute Care Nursing
NU-325X Clinical
NU-325XA Acute Care Nursing Discussion
NU-325XB Lab
NU-326 Acute Care of Child
NU-326X Clinical
NU-332 Family Health Nursing
NU-332X Clinical
NU-333 Psych/Mental Health
NU-333A Psychiatric/Mental Hlth NU
NU-333B Psych/Mental Health
NU-333X Clinical
NU-340 Community Nursing
NU-340A Community Nursing
NU-340B Community Health Nursing
NU-340X Clinical
NU-345 Complex Care Nursing
NU-345A Complex Care Nursing
NU-345B Complex Care Nursing
NU-345C Capstone
NU-345X Clinical
NU-347 Maternal Child/Family Nursing
NU-347A Maternal Child Nursing
NU-347B Maternal Child Nursing
NU-401 Health Policy Seminar
NU-402 Informatics for Nursing
NU-403 Evidence for Clinical Pract.
NU-403A Evidence for Clinical Pract.
NU-404 Concept&Challenges Prof.Prac
NU-409 Nursing Research Seminar
NU-409A Independent Study
NU-410A Independent Study
NU-411A Independent Study
NU-510 Community Based Nursing
NU-510X Clinical
NU-520 Complex Nurs-Diverse Settings
NU-520A Concepts Complex Care Nursing
NU-520X Clinical
NU-599 NCLEX Prep
NU-601 Nursing Theory
NU-601B Nursing Theory
NU-601D Nursing Theory
NU-603 Adv Nursing Admin I
NU-605 Concepts Nurs Leadership
NU-605D Concepts Nurs Leadership
NU-607 Perioperative Nursing
NU-608 Perioperative Nurse Practicum
NU-610 Adv Nursing Admin II
NU-611A Independent Study
NU-612 Org/Struct Nurs Leadership
NU-613 RN First Assist
NU-613A RN First Assistant Program
NU-614 RN First Assist Practicum
NU-615 Nurse Executive
NU-616 Nurse Manager
NU-617 Introd to Human Lactation
NU-618 Seminar: Health Policy
NU-619 Pharmacology for Clinical Prac
NU-619D Pharmacology for Clinical Prac
NU-620 Clinical Pharmacology
NU-621 Nursing Care of Aging Adult
NU-621A AdvNursAdmIII:Crit Care
NU-621B AdvNursAdmIII:Gerontology
NU-621D Nursing Care of Aging Adult
NU-622A Mentorship for Nursing Leader
NU-622B ClinMentorshipGerontology
NU-623 Regul Issues:Nurs Leadership
NU-624 Professional Nursing
NU-624D Professional Nursing
NU-624X Clinical
NU-625 Acute Care Nursing
NU-625D Acute Care Nursing
NU-625X Clinical
NU-626 Acute Care Nurs - Child
NU-626X Clinical
NU-627 Mentorship for Nursing Leader
NU-628 Quality Mgt. Health Care
NU-629 AdvHlth.Promotion&DiseasePrev
NU-630 Adv Nursing Research
NU-630B Advanced Nursing Research
NU-630D Adv Nursing Research
NU-632 Family Hlth Nurs-Maternity
NU-632X Clinical
NU-633 Psych/Mental Hlth Nursing
NU-633D Psych/Mental Health
NU-633X Clinical
NU-635 Complementary Therapies
NU-638 Concepts Case Mgt Care Coord.
NU-639 Adv.Concepts in Case Mgt.
NU-640 Community Health Nursing
NU-640A Community Health Nursing
NU-640D Community Health Nursing
NU-640X Clinical
NU-641 Adv Clinical Pharmacology
NU-642 Mgmt Concepts/Adv Practice
NU-643 Adv.Psychopharmacology
NU-644 Rehab/Long Term Nurs Care
NU-644X Clinical
NU-645 Complex Care Nursing
NU-645D Complex Care Nursing
NU-645X Clinical
NU-646 Theo.Prac.ContempPsychotherap
NU-647 Maternal Child/Family Nursing
NU-647D Maternal Child/Family Nursing
NU-648 Integrative Health for Women
NU-650 Adv Hlth Assessment/Nursing
NU-652 Adv Pediatric Hlth Assesment
NU-654 Mentorship in Integrative Hlth
NU-661 PrimaryCare ChildbearingWoman
NU-661X Clinical
NU-662 Adlt-Geron.AcuteCare Pract. I
NU-662X Clinical
NU-663 Adlt-Geron.AcuteCarePract. II
NU-663X Clinical
NU-664A Primary Care of Child I
NU-664B Primary Care of Family I
NU-664C FamilyPsychiatric Ment.Hlth I
NU-664D Primary Care Adult Woman I
NU-664E Adult-Gerontology Prim.Care I
NU-664X Clinical
NU-665A Primary Care of Child II
NU-665B Primary Care of Family II
NU-665C FamilyPsychiatricMent.Hlth II
NU-665CX Clinical Seminar :virtual
NU-665D Primary Care Adult Woman II
NU-665E Adult Gerontology Prim.Care II
NU-665X Clinical
NU-666 Public Health Nursing
NU-667 Thesis Seminar
NU-668 Role & Issues/Adv Practice
NU-669 Family Systems Theory
NU-670 Teaching/Learning Nurs Ed
NU-672 MentorshipTeachExp Nur Ed
NU-688 SpecNurs:Adv.Pediatric Health
NU-710 Informatics in Health Care
NU-711A Independent Study
NU-713 Adv Epidemiology/Biostatistic
NU-716 Culture & Health:Perspectives
NU-722 Quantitative Res Methods
NU-725 Qualitative Res Methods
NU-726 Adv.Research:Evid.BasedPrac I
NU-727 AdvResearch:Evid.BasedPrac II
NU-730 Doctoral Thesis Seminar I
NU-734 Doctoral Thesis Seminar II
NU-738 Application Nursing Science
NU-740 DNP Scholarly Project I
NU-741 DNP Scholarly Project II
NU-742 DNP Scholarly Project III
NU-743 DNP Scholarly Project IV
NU-999 Doctoral Thesis Continuation
RA-601 Overview Med.Product Industry
RA-602 Overview of FDA Regulation
RA-602A Overview FDA Regulation
RA-603 Regulatory Policies II
RA-603A Pharmaceutical Prod Regul
RA-604 Regulatory Policy III
RA-604A Medical Device Regulation
RA-605 Field Experience-RegulAffairs
RA-608 Clinical Research Methods
RA-609 Clinical Trial Management
RA-610 Med Product Reimbursement
RA-615 Qual Systems & Risk Mgmt
RA-616 Project Management
RA-621 Independent Study
RA-630 Combination Products
RA-632 Quality System Auditing
RA-633 Global Medical Device Regulati
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