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ID-104A ESL Listening/Speaking
ID-104B ESL Reading
ID-104C ESL Writing
ID-110 Exploring Humanities
ID-116 Complex Problems I
ID-208 Integrating Elem Curriculum I
ID-212 Strategies for Acad Success
ID-214 EnvStudies:PeoplePlanetProfit
ID-219B Co-Curricular :Food & Culture
ID-220 Animals in World Literature
ID-222 Exploring the Human Spirit
ID-224A Nat'lSci:Physical Sciences
ID-224B Nat'l Sci:Biological Sciences
ID-224BXA Lab
ID-224BXB Lab
ID-230 Interdepen.HlthcareProfess.US
ID-234 Digital Scholarship
ID-236 Introductory Astronomy/Lab
ID-236X Lab
ID-244 GlobalCinema&Hollywood'sShado
ID-304 Exploring Ethics
ID-309 Methods of Social Research
ID-323 Photo Il: Adv.Techniques
ID-327 Managing Projects
ID-330 Contrib. Common Good
ID-330C Capstone
ID-344 Museum Practicum I
ID-345 Museum Practicum II
ID-413 Interdisciplinary Intern.Sem.
ID-413B Interdisciplinary Intern.Sem.
ID-444 Internship Placeholder
ID-500 Found.Sem:Intro.Prof.Writing
ID-510 Nat Sci in Classroom I
ID-511 Nat Sci in Classroom II
ID-512 Humanities in Classroom I
ID-513 Humanities in Classroom II
ID-514 Soc Sciences in Classroom
ID-515 GrantFundraising&AppealWritin
ID-516 Adv.Writing for Business
ID-518 Green STEAM
ID-534 Digital Scholarship
ID-544 Museum Studies Practicum I
ID-545 Museum Practicum II
ID-605 Independent Study
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