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Regis Offers New Integrative Health Certificate

October 30, 2010

The 4 course Certificate in Integrative Health provides an opportunity for health care professionals to develop more fully their knowledge, skills and commitment to holistic practice. The courses are designed to address the overall scope of modalities and their use and the science behind them as well as an in depth focus on integrative health in one specific area. All candidates participate in a mentorship experience tailored to the candidate’s own level of experience and career interests. All baccalaureate prepared health care professionals eligible.

Up to two courses may be taken before applying to program.

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NU 635 Complementary Therapies and the Nurse; Wednesdays 5- 8pm - Cadman

This course provides an objective introductory perspective on the newly emerging field of Complementary/ Alternative Modalities (CAM). It examines the traditional, biomedical and nursing theoretical bases for CAM. It offers empirical evidence that will allow the nurse to act as a teacher and advocate for the client as well as to assume a leadership and management role on the interdisciplinary team. While the course explores a range of modalities and systems, it focuses in depth on those clearly within the domain of nursing practice.

HP 6XX Science of Integrative Health; S/Su 9am to 4pm (2/5 & 2/6, 3/5 & 3/6, 3/26 & 3/27, 4/30 & 5/1)

This course is intended to cover the scientific theory that forms the rationale for integrative health. In this course we will cover the new scientific theories that emerged during the 20th century that have given scientific evidence to validate many forms of integrative health. These theories include including Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, Non-linear Dynamical Theory, Fractal Geometry, Information Theory, Field Theory, and Network Theory.

HP 6XX Integrative Health for Women (Summer 2011)

Surveys indicate that women are more receptive to and most frequently use complementary/alternative therapies than other populations. This course provides a practical, in-depth focus on complementary strategies for healthy lifestyles, disease prevention and wellness care. It examines CAM use in this population with special emphasis on safety, efficacy and compatibility with allopathic care for selected conditions that affect women. It also focuses on developing skills for integrative care and use of selected modalities.

Mentorship in Integrative Health (Fall 2011) pre-requisites- all of the above)

A mentored practice experience in an appropriate practice setting. Placement occurs in collaboration with the course nursing faculty. In addition to the practicum, the candidate engages in a monthly seminar addressing key issues in integrative health care today.

For more information contact The Office of Graduate & Professional Programs 781.768.7330

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