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July 29, 2010

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Regis offers masters in health administration

By Kimberly A Hooper

WESTON - In a time where the demand for health care is growing rapidly, Regis College is now offering a full-time master of science degree in Health Administration.

The program, which will launch this fall, is part of Regis' graduate effort to develop its School of Nursing and Health Professions.

"Growth in health care is expected to increase,” said Mary Ann Hart, program director for the Graduate Program in Health Administration at Regis College. "Baby boomers are older and this is increasing the demand for more health care. Also, the national health-care reform means 31 million more Americans will be able to get health insurance.”

Hart said the program at Regis teaches students management skills and tools for budgeting and also has a large public policy focus.

The full-time program takes a year and a half to complete and anyone with a bachelor's degree who is interested in the healthcare field is eligible to submit an application for the master's program.

“We have a very wide range of students who will be studying for the master of science in Health Administration,” said Hart, “Some people come back to school after a long time or they might have worked in a business or administration setting and now they are interested in the health-care field. These people want to be able to apply management skills they already have and now use them in an area that can be more rewarding.”

Hart said the program has a diverse group of students. Some students applying to the program have been right out of college or they are looking to retool themselves. Hart also said many students want a change of careers and the health-care industry has many open opportunities.

"You name it and we welcome that variety,” said Hart "We have people applying who are in their early 20s to late 50s. This diversity makes our classrooms rich. We aren't a large school and people receive a lot of individual attention here.  Classrooms range from five to 20 students and everyone knows your name. We pride ourselves on that.”

The National League of Nursing recognized Regis College as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education. Regis was the first school in New England to be recognized with this award.

Health administrators, also referred to as health-care managers or health-care executives, are needed everywhere that health care is being delivered. "Health administrators plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care,” Hart said.

Two examples of health administration jobs are a director or assistant director of medical records and assistant director of radiology. Health administrators are not only needed in hospitals but other health-care environments as well.

"Nursing homes, outpatient departments, health insurance companies, physician group practices, public health departments, and other state and federal Health agencies need health administrators,” said Hart. "Managers and directors are within all of these different areas and the job possibilities are limitless.”

Health administrators can also work in the areas of finance departments,

human resources, marketing, management, patient-care services, health-care quality, and planning and development

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010-2011 median annual wage of health administrators in May 2008 was $87,040 for those who worked in hospitals; $74,130 for those in outpatient departments and clinics; $74,060 for those working in physicians' offices; $71,450 for those in home health care services; and $71,190 for health administrators working in nursing care facilities.

Students are eligible for acceptance into the Health Administration program if they have a bachelor's degree and if they have taken the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) standardized test. The GRE can be waived at Regis College if a student's undergraduate record is sufficient

"Waiving the GRE is a big attraction at Regis,” said Hart. if an undergrad's record is good enough, they can take two courses at Regis without fully matriculating into the program. If the student receives a B or better in these two courses, the GRE will be waived.”

Hart said this is a good idea because some people who apply have been out of school for a while and the idea of testing can be daunting for them.

"By taking two courses, people who are not sure about the health administration field are able to sample the program and see how they feel about it,” she said.

Regis offers a New Student Grant where students can receive 20 percent off their first two courses. Not only will the GRE be waived, but students will be able to apply these credits to the program in the future.

For an online application, go to www.applyweb.comlapply/regiscv/ or download an application at The $50 application fee can be waived if students attend one health administration information session and sign up for one course.

"We make it as easy as possible for students to join the programs at Regis,” said Hart. “One of the most attractive things is that students are able to schedule classes so they can actually work full time and go to school full time.”

Classes for the master's in Health Administration are offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings and one weekend day every other week. Between these classes there is an online component for certain courses.  The full-time option currently has rolling admission and students have the opportunity to apply for a $10,000 scholarship.

"We want students who are going to create a critical mass for the program,” said Hart. "We are going to review applications and look for students who are going to say yes to us and then determine from there who will receive the scholarship.”

In addition to scholarships, eligible students can apply for graduate degree loans and financial aid.

Tuition at Regis for the master of science in Health Administration costs about $35,000, but scholarships and grants may significantly decrease that cost.

Full-time students take a total of 14 courses (42 credits). Twelve of the courses are required and two are elective courses.

Health administration courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters as well as during two smnmer sessions. Summer courses may be taken either summer session prior to the first or second fall semester.

In students' final semester they complete 100 hours of field experience in a Health-care setting.

"We try and help place students in an area of interest for their field experience opportunity,” said Hart. "Regis College has a lot of relationships with major hospital systems and long-term Health-care facilities. We are currently talking to Health-care insurers and state agencies about field experience opportunities.”

Besides the full-time program in health administration, Regis offers part-time and certificate programs for students who cannot commit to a full-time course load.

If a student enrolls part-time in the program they can take one to three classes per semester. Certificate programs require students to complete four courses. Two classes are electives in health administration and two others are required courses for a certificate.

Regis currently offers certificates in Informatics (Health information technology), Gerontology (study of aging), and Health Policy. Students can simultaneously enroll in a certificate program while working toward a master's degree.

So why choose Regis' for a master of science in health administration?

"We offer the flexibility that people need these days,” said Hart. "Students have a lot of demands on them and we work with them to create lhose flexible schedules. The faculty currently works in lhe health administration field. This is a real world program and the staff really understands what is going on in the health-care industry.”

An open house for all graduate programs will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 25, at at Regis College, 235 Wellesley St, Weston.  For more information about Regis College and the master of science in Health Administration, visit or contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 781-768-7330.

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