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Feelings about Leaving College
by Nick Lee

May 10, 2012

I know the moment as if wound and rewound in my head
The cereal I bolted down that morning
And the stomach I weathered for eight hours the previous night
The array of cars on one twenty eight
Prevented any form of retreat, any sign of surrender
Thankfully, my record had been spiraling in my ears
An anesthetic to the fear reiterating in my temples
The moment the car edged toward the gate
I pressed my fingers against the glass
And as it edged forward,
The parking lot became a series of Toyotas with elect Obama signs
In the morning, the foyer became a sea of paper, and thousands of characters scribbled on pages
Yielding hundreds of heads sauntering to their respective rooms
Upon the time of my graduation,
I can’t help but recall looming over pages of Shakespeare poetry at midnight
Scrawling notes on spiral paper
singing sonnets in my head
repeating revisions on rigorous papers
I know that when I have a family
I will recall these trying days of April
I won’t know what to make of it
Only that in some way I’ll miss it

© Copyright 2012 Nick Lee, with permission

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