After much consideration and planning, we are pleased to announce our plan for fall 2020, which is subject to change based on federal, state, and local health guidelines.

The goal is to provide flexibility to ensure our two main priorities—the safety of our community and academic continuity for our students. We want to ensure that faculty and students can switch between remote and on-campus learning should circumstances shift.

8/8 Two-Term Model

The fall semester will be split into two, eight-week terms. Most students will take three courses in Term 1, and two courses in Term 2. The format will apply primarily to undergraduate students and Regis North in Lawrence students. Graduate programs, including fully remote instruction, will use their existing schedules and make program-level decisions. These adjustments will require re-advising and registration for undergraduate students,

  • The first term will begin August 17 and run through October 11. The second term will be from October 13 to December 6.
  • We anticipate starting the first term with remote instruction and shift to hybrid or in-person instruction once Phase 4 of the governor’s plan is fully implemented. Accommodations will be made due to health concerns of faculty or students.

We are working to compile and answer questions regarding the new format and encourage anyone with questions or concerns to email

Fall 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Will I Move Back to Campus?

    We anticipate moving residential students back to campus beginning Labor Day weekend. Undergraduate students will begin the semester on August 17 and will transition to in-person instruction without academic interruption when Phase 4 of Governor Baker's plan is fully operational.

  • Clinicals

    Some clinical sites have already begun to reopen. Our goal is to have students start these to stay ahead of a possible second surge.

    In addition, while some clinicals may be starting before August 17, students in these clinical placements will not be moving to campus early.

  • GNAC Athletic Season

    The status of the fall GNAC season is still unknown, but please know we are committed to doing everything possible to playing this fall. All institutional members of the GNAC are meeting routinely to work through the challenges. In the meantime, we recommend that student-athletes reach out to their respective coaches for the most up-to-date information regarding their seasons.

  • Do I need to Take Classes in Both Terms?

    Yes. In order to be considered a full-time undergraduate, students will need to take classes in both Term 1 and 2. Most students will take three courses in Term 1, and two courses in Term 2.

  • What Types of Safety and Preventative Measures Will Be Taken?

    Our planning for the fall is focused on the safety of our students, staff, and faculty and is being guided by State and public health guidelines.

    Some of the protocols that are being planned include:

    • Implementing enhanced cleaning measures, including residence halls, dining halls, computer labs, and classroom spaces
    • Additional hand sanitizer stations
    • Reducing the need for high touch surface areas
    • New and improved signage to encourage physical distancing and encourage social norms
    • Visual guidance on how to navigate around campus
    • Making physical changes to certain areas of campus where there are front desk interactions, including the post office and Regis College police
    • Updates to the Dining Hall
  • Does This Apply to Graduate Students?

    The 8/8 Format is for undergraduate students and Regis North in Lawrence students. Fully online and most graduate programs will remain on the standard schedule. To confirm the start-date of your specific on-campus or hybrid program, please view our graduate start date page.