Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our community members. In addition to enhanced cleaning and safety protocols, we are implementing preventative measures to help keep our community safe.

Students, faculty, and student-facing employees returning to campus this fall will be involved in a robust system of COVID-19 testing on campus, following a schedule determined based on scientific data and benchmarks for the community.

Daily Health Screenings

Those living and working on campus this fall will be required to complete the daily checklist as well as a temperature check each day. Students will be supplied a digital thermometer for their personal use and Health Services will have an additional supply on hand for students who cannot access one. Students should contact Regis Health services in the event of any symptoms before arriving on campus or leaving their residences.

All employees working on campus this fall semester are expected to complete the daily checklist before their arrival using their own personal thermometers. If any of COVID-19 symptoms are evident, faculty and staff are required to contact their program director or supervisor and not report to work that day.

  • How Testing Works

    All students, faculty, and student-facing employees will be involved in a robust system of COVID-19 testing on campus at no cost.

    The university will also require testing when students initially arrive on campus. All students entering residential housing will be tested upon their arrival on campus. All commuter students will be tested on their first day on campus. Student-facing faculty and staff will be included in the testing protocol put forth by the university administration.

  • What To Do if Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms

    If a student is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they should notify Health Services and then visit AFC, the local urgent care center, for testing.

    • Until the testing results are returned, the student should return to their home or to an assigned isolation room, attend classes remotely, and not interact with other students on campus.
    • If the results are positive for COVID-19, the student should, if living within a three-hour radius, return to their home immediately.
    • For students living over three hours away, they will be required to be in isolations before vacating campus within 24 hours. Students from out of state requiring a flight will enter an isolation room on campus.
    • Students who have had close contact with a fellow student with COVID-19 will be expected to quarantine in their room and not attend in-person classes or be in public spaces for 14 days. If possible, these students will be asked to return to their homes under a stay at home order.
  • Tracing Positive Cases

    In collaboration with the Local Boards of Health (LBOH), Health Services has developed a comprehensive internal plan and will be involved in all aspects of the contact tracing efforts on campus in an effort to quickly identify any close contacts of someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

    • Health Services will initiate an internal identification process to bridge the gap between result time and LBOH notification.
    • Any member of the Regis community that has been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual will be contacted by a member of the Health Services team, as well as the LBOH to review the next steps.
    • In the case of the Regis Dental Center, the LBOH will contact any person in contact with a COVID-19 positive case.
  • Isolating COVID-19 Positive Cases on Campus

    Five isolation rooms are available and will be required for use by students who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are unable to return home.

    • Isolation rooms have private restroom facilities.
    • Food will be delivered to these rooms and left outside of the door.
    • Regis Health Services will monitor isolated students on a daily basis.
    • Students in isolation rooms will not be allowed access to the larger community while testing positive.
    • Students will attend classes remotely as able.
    • Students are expected to remain in isolation up to ten days following a positive COVID-19 test.
  • Quarantine Process for Those Who Have Been in Close Contact with a COVID-19 Positive Case

    Student Quarantine

    Students who have had close contact with a student who tested positive for COVID-19 will be expected to quarantine in their rooms and not attend in-person classes or be in public spaces for 14 days. If possible, these students will be expected vacate campus to return to their homes under a stay at home order until they have tested negative and will be allowed to return to campus. If the student cannot go home, they will be quarantined on campus for 14 days. Regis will require the students in quarantine, either at home or on campus, to be tested immediately to ensure they are not COVID-19 positive and then tested again at the 14-day mark before returning to regular campus activity.

    Residence Staff Quarantine

    All residential staff have private apartment housing on campus. This housing is considered a quarantined and isolated environment. In a case where a residential staff person has tested positive for COVID-19, they will be required to isolate in their apartments until they are symptom free for 10 days, then need to be fever free without fever or symptom-reducing medication for 72 hours with symptoms that have improved or resolved. The staff person can then come out of isolation. In order to return to work, they will need 2 negative tests at least 24 hours apart.

  • Protocol for Out-of-State Students

    Students, and their family members, arriving on campus from outside of Massachusetts (excluding states on the governor’s approved travel list) or internationally are required to provide written confirmation of a negative COVID-19 viral test administered up to 72 hours prior to arriving on campus. For information on approved testing locations by state, please visit the CDC website.

    Results should be emailed to health.services@regiscollege.edu prior to students’ departure for campus. Please include in the subject line of the email the name of the student – COVID19 Test Results. Documentation must be legible and in its entirety, including full name and date of birth. Documentation should also be brought to campus and presented upon arrival. This requirement also applies to those who have traveled outside of Massachusetts or low-risk states within 14 days of arriving to campus.

    Students coming to campus from within Massachusetts and the states on the approved travel list (Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, New York, and Hawaii) are exempt from these additional requirements. These students will be tested when they arrive on campus and will follow Regis’ testing protocol. Travel outside of these states is not recommended in the 14 days prior to arrival to campus.

    If a residential student’s test result comes back positive for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their planned arrival on campus, they should not come to campus and should contact Health Services and Resident Life immediately.

    Residential students who can’t get their test results before coming to the campus will be tested upon arrival and remain in quarantine until test results are received. Unfortunately, family members who are unable to present a negative test result within 72 hours will not be permitted onto campus. Travel should be planned accordingly.