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Regis College is committed to promoting the health and safety of all members of our community: students, faculty and staff. Recognizing the evolving nature of COVID-19, these measures have been implemented and guided with an emphasis on the common good of the campus community.

CoVerified: COVID-19 Testing Mobile App

All Regis community members who live, learn, and work on campus use a mobile app, CoVerified, to:

  • Submit daily symptom screenings when experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • Submit COVID-19 vaccine records to the Center for Health and Wellness
  • Submit off-site COVID-19 test results to the Center for Health and Wellness

COVID-19 Immunization Requirements

All students, faculty, and staff who live, learn, and work on campus are required required to have received all doses of COVID-19 vaccine in the primary series. This requirement can be met with COVID-19 vaccines having FDA (Food and Drug Administration), EUA (emergency use authorization) and/or WHO (World Health Organization EUL (emergency use listing) approval.

View Immunization Requirements and Exemption Request Information

Campus Masking Requirements

The Regis campus is a mask optional environment, except in the Center for Health and Wellness when seeing a provider at Health Services and/or Counseling Services, per CDC guidelines.

  • Regis strongly supports community members who choose to wear a mask.
  • Please continue to follow public health guidance and wear a mask if you are at a higher risk or have concerns about your health.
  • Masking in crowded indoor environments is encouraged, but not required.

Campus Visitor and Event/Spectator Policy

Regis College warmly welcomes visitors to campus, including students’ families, prospective students, external partners, contractors, etc.

COVID-19 Testing Protocol

Both antigen and molecular testing are available for symptomatic individuals and the testing type will be determined by the Center for Health and Wellness clinical team.

It is important to get tested if you are experiencing any new symptoms or are five to seven days after a known exposure. Even if the symptoms are mild and you believe it may just be allergies or a cold, you should take a test to rule out COVID-19.

  • Using Rapid At-Home Tests

    Health Services recommends keeping a supply of rapid at-home COVID-19 tests on hand so that you may self-administer a test should you develop any new symptoms or have a known exposure.

    Order Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

  • Reporting a Positive Test Result

    • All positive COVID-19 test results should be uploaded to the CoVerified app.
    • Your upload may be either a lab report or photograph of your rapid home test and must include your name, date of birth, date of test and test result.
    • A clinician from the Center for Health and Wellness will reach out promptly to discuss your timeline for return to campus and discuss how you can do your own contact tracing.

Reporting Symptoms

Students, faculty, and staff who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should report all symptoms into the CoVerified app. The Center for Health and Wellness staff will reach out to discuss symptoms and a plan of care, which may include testing for COVID-19.

Quarantine and Isolation

View the latest requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Wellness Housing

  • Wellness Housing is available only to residential students who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have an approved vaccine exemption and are required to quarantine and have a home address of >300 miles from Regis.
  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 with a private room and private bathroom may isolate in place on campus.

Contact Tracing

All individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are responsible for notifying their own close contacts. The Center for Health and Wellness will provide resources on the notification process.