Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our community members. In addition to enhanced cleaning and safety protocols, we are implementing preventative measures to help keep our community safe.

All students, faculty, and staff are required to be fully vaccinated against COVD-19 by Monday, Aug. 16, in order to return to campus for the fall 2021 semester, with the exception of certain religious and medical exemptions.

Leading up to Aug. 16, those community members who are not vaccinated must continue to participate in Regis’ mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing using a PCR nasal swab.

What to Expect During Testing

There is no cost to get tested, and all tests will be administered by Health Services. The process is quick, painless, and an important part of the university's campus safety protocol. Santi Pedraza Novak '23 takes us through the testing process in the brief video below.

Watch How the Testing Process Works

CoVerified: COVID-19 Testing App

Beginning Monday, March 1, all students, faculty, and staff in the Regis College COVID-19 testing protocol will use an app called CoVerified to:

  • Book testing appointments
  • Upload vaccine record
  • Receive notice of negative test results
  • Log and update your daily symptoms

Download CoVerified

Uploading your Vaccine Record by Selecting the Report tab on the CoVerfied Home Screen

  1. Select “Upload Vaccine Record”
  2. Under “Date performed” enter the date of your final COVID-19 vaccine dose.
  3. Under “Name of healthcare facility” enter the name of the facility where you received your final dose.
  4. Under “Attachment,” upload a photo of your vaccine card.
  5. Once your record is reviewed and approved by a member of the Regis Health Services Team, a blue icon containing the date of your final vaccine will appear on the main screen.

You can also use CoVerified to set up a testing appointment if you are not vaccinated

  1. Select the same appointment time and day for each week.
  2. Click the “Testing” button and the small calendar in the upper right corner to book your tests.
  3. Select the same appointment time and day for each week.
  4. Utilize the green “cleared” screen on your phone or device for clearance around campus.

COVID-19 testing appointments can be scheduled during the following time frames for community members who have been invited to campus in the summer semester:

  • Tuesday through Wednesday: 9 a.m. to noon

Daily Health Screenings

Everyone in the Regis campus testing protocol is required to complete their daily symptom screening on the CoVerified app.

Please continue to record your daily symptoms even if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Failure to complete symptom tracking every day will result in a restriction from classrooms, events, and campus facilities as a red “restricted” screen will appear.

Once the daily symptom screening is complete, in addition to compliance with the weekly testing protocol and no positive test results, a green "cleared" screen will appear.

  • Returning to campus

    • If you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before your expected return to campus, you are required to schedule and complete a COVID-19 test one week prior to coming to campus. This will allow enough time for you to receive a negative test result before you need to resume activities on campus.
    • Once you receive your first test, you will need to leave campus until you have obtained a negative test result from The Broad Institute in conjunction with CoVerified.
    • Upon entering the testing protocol, you will be required to test weekly to remain in compliance.
    • After you are fully vaccinated and have uploaded your vaccination record to CoVerfied, you no longer need to get a weekly test.