2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Program Fee
Accelerated MS in Nursing for Non-Nurse College Graduates $1,595­/credit
Applied Behavior Analysis $875­/credit
Communication $720­/credit
Counseling Psychology $825­/credit
Accelerated 16-Month BS in Nursing for Non-Nurse College Graduates $1,185­/credit
Education $670­/credit
Gerontology Certificate $1,010­/credit
Health Administration $1,010­/credit
Health Informatics Certificate $1,010­/credit
Higher Education Leadership Doctorate $975­/credit
Integrative Health Certificate $1,010­/credit
Nursing $1,125­/credit
Nursing Doctorate $1,260­/credit
Occupational Therapy (non-fieldwork courses) $1,775­/credit
Public Health Certificate $1,010­/credit
Regulatory and Clinical Research Management $1,010­/credit

Other Fees

  • Graduation: $295
  • Student Health Insurance: $3,290
  • Technology Service and Support: $570

Tuition bills are not mailed out. All bills are posted online only. Please visit your Regis Access account to view your bill.

All charges and fees are set by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change at any time.