As the Dean of Academic Support Services at Regis, Dr. Glines created the Finucane and O’Sullivan Institute for Learning, which implements best practice in the broad range of student supports that are the foundation of this MEd. During her tenure at Regis, undergraduate retention rates have steadily climbed, and a new culture of student support has been established. Prior to Regis College, Dr. Glines spent 20 years at Lynn University as a Dean with an academic rank of full professor and was later appointed Dean of International Studies at American College Dublin. Additionally, she was the Founding President of Beacon College, the first accredited college designed to support the needs of students with learning disabilities.

Dr. Glines, along with Program Director Dr. Priscilla Boerger, have presented the Regis College academic support and advising model internationally most recently in 2017 at Trinity College, University College Dublin, American College Dublin, and at the 2018 University of Athens (Greece) Conference on Learning “Education in a Time of Austerity and Social Turbulence”. In 2016 Dr. Glines presented at Indiana Tech University and in 2017 she was invited back to present to faculty from seven regional colleges.