Whatever your major, a minor in history, world languages, and cultural heritage will enhance your program of study.

Required Courses

  • One of the following sequences of survey courses:
    • HI 103 US History Through Civil War and HI 104 US History: 1865-Present
    • HI 107 Ancient World: Birth-Rebirth and HI 108 Europe and the World After 1500
    • HI 111 Pre-Colombian Civilization to Independence Wars and HI 112 Latin American Civilization
  • One elective course at the 200-300 levels in History, World Languages, and Cultural Heritage or a course from another department as approved by the department chair
  • One of the following seminars:
    • HI 402A In Search of Greece
    • HI 402D The Writer as Historian
    • HI 408B Colloquium: International Studies
  • Two world languages courses, or one advanced language course or their equivalent, as determined by the department chair