Students, employers, and alumni can use CAREERLink, Regis College's job board, to find or post jobs, internships and other opportunities, or sign up for on-campus recruiting events.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use CAREERLink, watch the video below:

Information for Employers

Prospective employers can recruit Regis College students in the following ways:

  • Provide an internship opportunity: Click the link to post details about your internship opportunity and find the very best applicants who are ready to tackle real-world challenges and offer critical assistance.
  • Participate in an on-campus recruiting event: The university hosts on-campus jobs fairs as well as informational sessions upon employer request. There is no fee to participate in any on-campus event. Contact Mike Lynch for details at
We have been recruiting at many other colleges this spring and we have found the Regis students to be the best prepared.
Corporate recruiter, March 2017
We recruit at a lot of schools and the students are OK, but something is missing. That missing ingredient is here at Regis.
Comments from a recruiting employer on campus for a jobs fair, March 2017
This internship worked out so well that we are happy to recruit Regis students in the future.
Intern supervisor comments, May 2017