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  • TH-201

    Oral Interpretation

    This course offers training in awareness and responsiveness of body and voice, quickening of insight, and exercise of spontaneity through oral reading of selected materials from current and classic works. Release through movement is emphasized. Studio work.
  • TH-203

    Introd. to Theatre

    This course introduces students to all phases of theatre: history, dramatic literature and theory, production, and management. This non-lecture course will actively involve students in learning by attending theatre performances in the Greater Boston area and watching play productions in class.
  • TH-204

    Movement/Physical Theatre

    Each class begins with a dance warm-up designed to increase strength, flexibility and coordination. This is followed by ensemble and individual movement work focusing on the development of theatrical expression through character and story. Designed to examine both the process and product of physical craft. E(20)
  • TH-205

    Technical Theatre

    Study of all aspects of technical production through practical experience in the theatre. Areas of study include: lighting, sound, properties, set construction, costumes, design and stage management.
  • TH-206

    Women in Theatre

    This course offers exploration into the range of themes and impact of contemporary plays and dramatic criticism written by women and analysis of images of women depicted in plays from ancient Greece to the present. Accomplishments of women directors and designers are also considered in this course. Research and performance projects will be required.
  • TH-207


    Designed for beginning actors and for those who want to refresh their skills, this course offers students the fundamentals of acting, from training in basic stage behavior to character and script analysis. Students will work on monologues and two-actor scenes. They will also attend theatre performances in the greater Boston area to observe actors at work.
  • TH-208

    Musical Theatre

    Musical Theater explores the genre of the sung drama, including its history in Europe and the United States, its Western European cultural context, and the techniques involved in its creation and performance. Students will focus on several examples selected from throughout the history of musical theater. The course will culminate in a performance by students of excerpts from selected operas and musicals; depending on the students in the course, excerpts may include solo musical numbers, duets or trios, dramatic monologues, comedic routines, or dance numbers.
  • TH-216

    World Theatre in Its Context

    This course includes a survey of dramatic literature and theatrical practice from its origins to the present. Particular attention is paid to Asian, African, Caribbean, European, and Latin American traditions. Students will examine theatre as an art form, an institution, and a social force. The course will give students the tools to begin their own research into specific theatrical periods, artists, and styles in world theatre. The class will culminate in research and performance projects.