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  • SW-600

    SW CommPractice:LeadingChange

    This foundation course introduces students to the profession of social work by examining the core values and ethics of the profession. The discussions and assignments in this course encourage students to self assess, apply critical thinking, explore different practice settings, and discuss how social workers serve diverse and vulnerable populations. This course emphasizes professional identity and the various roles and practice settings in the field of social work.
  • SW-602

    HBSE I

    This foundation course focuses on the biological, psychological, and spiritual changes throughout the life cycle in the context of culture and the physical environment. Using a multi-dimensional approach, students study the major theoretical frameworks in analyzing human behavior and the developmental processes. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own biases, values, and beliefs and discuss strategies that address culture competence within social work practice. Ecosystems theory is the context used to understand theories of individual and family development.