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  • RS-201

    Old Testament

    This course features a study of the sacred writings of the Jewish tradition with emphasis on the historical, cultural, and religious backgrounds of the writings. Questions to be considered include: What is the historical message of the Bible? What is its religious message? Does the Bible have a message for today?
  • RS-202

    New Testament

    This course features a study of the New Testament, including Gospels and Epistles, with stress on contemporary understanding taking into account the historical, cultural, literary, and religious backgrounds of these writings.
  • RS-206

    Comparative Religion

    This course offers thematic study of religion which compares and contrasts alternative views of God, human liberation, origins, morality, worship, and organization.
  • RS-208

    Stories of Belief

    This course is a consideration of autobiographical writings which manifest lived experiences of religious belief. The material will focus on questions of self, freedom, love, loneliness, death, and social responsibility.
  • RS-211

    Religion and Society

    This course asks students to study the social dimension of religion, including the role of community, of ritual, and the responsibilities of love and justice toward society at large.
  • RS-215

    Catholicism: Cont. Persp.

    This course offers a study of key topics in Catholic theology: God, Jesus, church, and worship. Emphasis will be placed on a contemporary understanding of Catholic thought in light of its historical sources. Particular attention will be paid to the question of the Church's place in the modern world and the challenges it faces in such forms as pluralism, feminism, and secularism.
  • RS-216

    The Meaning of Faith

    This course is an exploration of the problem of belief. The course will deal with human self-understanding and meaning. Students will confront faith and a delicate balance of personal decision and personal surrender. Unbelief will be examined.
  • RS-217

    Theology of the Sacraments

    A study of the sacraments from biblical and historical perspec- tives. The course will emphasize contemporary understandings of these special moments in the relationship of Christ, and the Church and the believer.
  • RS-280

    Spirituality & Community Serv

    This interdisciplinary course will be co-taught by a professor from religion studies and a professor from sociology. Students will explore the spiritual enrichment and sociological insight that service work provides. Students will be placed in religious and secular settings that engage in direct service and advocacy. This course will engage students in applying sociological and theological concepts and theories to their experiences performing service work in a variety of settings.