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  • PS-203

    Introduction to Psychology

    This course will explore the major theories, concepts, and fields in psychology. Biological, social, and psychological influences on thinking, feeling, and acting will be examined as the class discusses the application of psychology to real-life situations.
  • PS-204A

    Intro to Psychology II/Lab

    This course will follow PS 203 and will focus on the foundations of writing in psychology and the development of critical thinking skills. Topics include ethics, writing, evaluation of current topics, career opportunities, and the application of psychology in everyday life. Prerequisites: PS 203, PS 233, or instructor permission
  • PS-233

    Intro. to Human Development

    This course is a consideration of human development from infancy through old age. Emphasis will be on cognitive, emotional, and social development, with attention to implications for nursing.
  • PS-242

    Health Psychology

    This course provides a foundational overview of health psychology and behavioral medicine. We will examine how theories from psychology and sociology/social work have enhanced our understanding of health and illness and can contribute to a paradigm shift toward a more holistic model of healthcare which encompasses the interrelationships among biological, psychological and sociocultural dimensions. We will examine how health and wellness are conceptualized within the modern American healthcare system. We will discuss what is known about preventing and treating illness, and how behavior and personality affect health status.