43 courses:
  • PO-303

    Sem:International Relations

    The course examines in depth several of the cutting-edge issues of international relations that profoundly affect our lives: revolution in information technology and transnational corporations and their impact on workplace; political conflicts precipitated by world population explosion, including struggle for scarce resources, North vs. South rivalry, and environmental pillage; and problems of post-Cold War world order, nuclear proliferation, ethnic and nationalistic clashes, human rights, immigration and multiculturalism, peace and justice, and conflict resolution. Prerequisites: PO 230 and at least two courses from PO 330, PO 336, PO 337, or PO 345
  • PO-306

    Presidency and Congress

    The course examines the executive and legislative branches of government, with particular emphasis on current controversies in presidential-congressional relations. Evaluating the constitutional duties and individual personalities of the politicians in each branch will give the course the opportunity to reflect on the distribution of power in the American political system. Prerequisite: PO 210.
  • PO-310

    Supreme Court & Constitution

    This course considers the Supreme Court as a major policymaker in the American political system. It will include an analysis of major doctrines of constitutional law through examination of the leading cases. Prerequisite: PO 210
  • PO-311

    First Amendment

    This course examines of the legal protections of liberty in the First Amendment, including freedoms of speech, press, religion, and assembly. These issues are explored through major court decisions, supplementary materials, and class debates. Prerequisite: PO 210
  • PO-312

    Public Law

    This course considers the role of law in a political society, and the importance of law to a democracy. Primary attention given to American legal institutions, such as state and federal courts, and especially the political dynamics of the Supreme Court. The major concepts of American jurisprudence are also examined, with consideration of relevant legal cases which help to illustrate those concepts.Prerequisite PO 210 or P.
  • PO-313

    Public Administration

    This course offers an introduction to the theory and practice of administration in the public sector. Topics will include the political environment of public administration, management of people and programs, administrative responsibility, and ethics.
  • PO-315

    American Political Thought

    This course features a systematic examination and evaluation of the main currents in American political thought as manifest in the key works of prominent thinkers. The course gives special attention to the role of democracy, capitalism, and individualism as guiding ideologies and uses a variety of materials to explore the development of current debates in American political life. Prerequisite: PO 210