8 courses:
  • PO-210

    American Politics:Introd.

    This course analyzes the major political institutions of the American political system at the federal and state levels, considers major public policy issues and the interests that influence policy making, examines the civil and political rights of American citizens under the Constitution, and evaluates the democratic system of campaigns and elections.
  • PO-211

    Comparative Politics:Introd.

    The course is an introduction to the study of comparative politics. It will provide the basis for understanding and comparing different political systems, political histories, political attitudes, and political institutions. The course will introduce different approaches to and methodologies for comparing political phenomena. It will also familiarize students with global political geography.
  • PO-212

    Political Theory:Introd.

    The course is a general survey of political theory with a particular focus on the classical forms of government and major concepts in political ideologies. The four chief goals of the course will be to increase the students' appreciation of political ideas and the particular ideas shaping Western Civilization (as a grounding for later explorations of non-Western traditions), to help students appreciate the contributions they can make to political life, to serve as a foundation for the department's upper-level courses to follow, and to begin an inquiry into ethics and politics which will be continued in department seminars and the capstone senior seminar.
  • PO-214


    The objective of this course is to investigate the relationship between mass media such as television or radio, the internet and social networking, films and political issues. Topics such as electronic media, journalism, media coverage of politics and wars, blogging, new and alternative mediums such as texting will be covered. Issues such as the role of government in media, corporate versus individual control, censorship, advertising, propaganda, will be explored. And, a review of film as a medium that can be used for political purposes will be analyzed by viewing several key movies that illustrated important political themes for their times.
  • PO-230

    Internat'l Relations:Introd

    This course is an introduction to the study of international relations between the states of the world. Students will explore such concepts as global interdependence, international political economy, foreign policy, and international conflict and cooperation. We will consider current problems such as the tension between globalism and nationalism, the problems of national security, conflict and migration, and the role of international organizations like the UN in resolving (or complicating) these matters.
  • PO-231

    Human Rights

    This course introduces students to terms and concepts in the study of human rights as well as the key issues, debates, and controversies surrounding the idea of universal human rights. Students will look deeper into the specific issues of human rights such as access to the resources required to realize human rights, the relationship between citizenship rights and human rights, the rights of minorities, genocide, torture, humanitarian intervention, and international criminal tribunals.