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  • PE-230

    Into. to Martial Arts

    This course serves as an introduction to basic martial arts skills through the art of Kenpo Karate. In addition to flexibility and strength development, students will learn basic strikes, combinations, forms (kata), and other self-defense techniques.
  • PE-228

    Barre Blast

    This course is an intermediate co-ed fitness course (not dance) focusing on muscular endurance, core strength, balance, and flexibility. Barre Blast brings together the disciplines of yoga, pilates, and sports conditioning into a challenging workout. Students taking this course should have a moderate level of fitness.
  • PE-229

    Boot Camp

    Students will participate in a wide variety of circuit-type fitness activities to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance. The class will utilize a variety of equipment and exercises to create a fun, motivational, and vigorous atmosphere to assist students in achieving their fitness goals. Prerequisites: Ability to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity.
  • PE-201E

    Beginning Yoga

    This course introduces students to the basics of hatha yoga, in particular a flowing style known as Vinyasa. Each class includes instruction on centering, breathing techniques, performing the postures with correct alignment and technique, and relaxation.
  • PE-201A


    This course will emphasize the fundamentals of the game of volleyball. Students will increase their understanding of volleyball rules and techniques, participate in various activities to improve their skills, as well as learn coaching and refereeing principles related to the game. Prerequisite: ability to exercise moderately and perform volleyball-related activities
  • PE-201C

    Beginning Tennis

    This course will emphasize the fundamentals of the game of tennis including basic skills, rules, etiquette, etc. The course is designed to assist beginners in learning and improving their skills to enable them to play tennis recreationally.
  • PE-201G

    Beginning Golf

    This course will emphasize the fundamentals of the game of golf. Topics will include golf etiquette, the full swing, the short game, and basic rules. The goal is to help beginners develop the necessary skills to play the game of golf recreationally.
  • PE-201N

    Strength Training

    This course will emphasize the fundamentals of safe and effective strength training techniques. Each student will learn how to improve strength and develop muscle tone, as well as gain an understanding of the overall benefits of strength training for personal fitness.