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  • MU-207

    What to Listen for in Music

    This course is an exploration of the wide range of music heard today: western, nonwestern, popular, and classical. The course examines various elements, styles, and forms of music, and includes lectures, discussion, critical listening, field trips, and concert attendance. Students gain skills that will enable them to become more sophisticated listeners.
  • MU-208

    History of Rock and Roll

    This course will use e-resources, including the required text, to explore what has become a major component of pop culture. With the support of YouTube to hear archival recordings and the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame website among other resources, students will gain perspectives on the evolution of rock and roll music and its correlation to societal, cultural, and political shifts in the American landscape.
  • MU-209

    Class Piano I

    Piano I is designed to teach beginners to play the piano. Students gain basic skills and confidence in note-reading, rhythm, and technique. Each student participates at her/his own newly updated computer/keyboard station using state-of-the-art Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) applications. Students will play familiar tunes with two hands by the semester's end.
  • MU-210

    Class Piano II

    In Piano II, a sequel to Piano I, students advance to playing chord accompaniments and analyzing styles, including blues and jazz. Additional software programs give students opportunities to experiment with basic recording and composition of their own music. Enrollment limit: ten. Prerequisite: MU 209 or instructor permission
  • MU-211

    Keyboard Performance Ensemble

    A collaborative course in which keyboard students perform ensemble music of all styles, including classical and popular genres. Through the use of digital keyboards, which simulate the sounds of the various orchestra instruments, students will be able to perform the music of orchestra, jazz band, big band, and many other styles. A highlight of the semester is to play with an orchestra in a Regis con - cert. Not offered 2012-2013. Prerequisites: MU 209 and MU 210 or equivalent with permission of instructor.
  • MU-215

    Music,Health& Wholeness

    This course is an exploration of the way that listening to and making music affects people physically, psychologically, intellectually, and emotionally. Students in the class will learn from scientific and behavioral studies, music-making experiences inside and outside the classroom, their own experiments, and other research.
  • MU-218

    Global Music

    Global Music introduces students to the music of the world's cultures. Students will explore the field of ethnomusicology, and learn about various styles of music by listening to, reading about, and performing them. In each culture, music is studied in its cultural context, relating it to religion, gender, ritual, theater, work, and daily life. There will be many opportunities for hands-on music-making. Students do not need to be able to read music or play an instrument to take this class.