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  • MS-201

    Intro Museum Studies I

    Museum Studies I introduces students to the history of museums and the various aspects of museum work viewed from historical, philosophical, and practical perspectives. Particular attention is paid to the public role museums play as education partners and nonprofit organizations with a cultural focus. The course surveys the diversity of museums and examines the main operations common to all museums, such as governance, finance, education, marketing, exhibitions, and collections management. Prerequisite for MS 202
  • MS-202

    Intro Museum Management

    Museum Studies II introduces the student to organizational behavior in the museum setting. Issues such as multiculturalism, corporate sponsorship, cultural stereotyping, ownership, and authenticity will be examined. Students gain practical experience through real-world museum challenges in selected areas of importance, for example, exhibitions, education, grant writing, collections policy, and long-range planning. Please note that students who enroll in the second section of this course and complete the assignments associated with the optional travel component will earn one additional academic credit, for a total of four credits. Prerequisite: MS 201