5 courses:
  • LS-301

    Introduction to the Law

    Basic substantive knowledge of the law in our society in many fundamental areas. Readings of selected judicial opinions together with discussion of the legal questions involved. U.
  • LS-305

    Legal Research and Writing

    An introduction to the standard legal reference works, encyclopedias, digests, and annotated statutes, and the manner of their use, with extensive practice in the use of the West key number system and the method of case Shepardizing. The principles of legal prose writing will be studied, with special emphasis on citation of authority as prescribed by the publication A Uniform System of Citation. Prerequisite LS 301. U.
  • LS-312

    Business Law

    A survey of the historical development of Anglo-American law in the area of regulation of business and financial activity. The course provides an orientation to the drafting of contracts, documents of incorporation, papers securing rights under the Uniform Commercial Code, and prospectuses required to be filed, and federal securities laws and state Blue Sky Laws. Prerequisite LS 301. U.
  • LS-315

    Wills,Estates & Real Property

    A study of the historical development of Anglo-American property and trust law. The course provides an orientation to the drafting of lease deeds, wills, and trust instruments and to the examination of title to realty. Prerequisite LS 301. U.
  • LS-317

    Litigation & the Legal System

    An examination of the development of Anglo-American Law in the area of dispute settlement and preservation of the public peace, with focus on the development of tort and criminal law. The impact of these areas of law by the United States Constitution, principally as mandated by the decisions of the United States Court under Chief Justice Warren, will be considered. There will be an orientation to the drafting of pleadings in civil and criminal cases. Prerequisite LS 301. U.