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  • ES-200

    Prin.Sustain.Sci. for Envir

    This course offers an introduction to the concepts of environmental sustainability and the complex problems associated with sustainability. This is an interdisciplinary course where students will learn to recognize, study, and analyze complex relationships between the social, human, and environmental systems that address issues involving: climate change, pollution, environmental science, natural resources, environmental degradation, population shifts, food systems, sustainable production and consumption, lifestyles, human security and public health.
  • ES-201

    Ethics and Policy in ES

    This course will examine the fundamental value systems (ethical, religious, and philosophical) that are at the root of many environmental issues and then analyze how these varied values translate into constructing environmental policies. Students will integrate their understanding of the complex interactions between natural and human systems to examine case studies of major environmental policies on topics ranging from regulation of pollutants, natural resource management, global climate policy, endangered species, and social justice. Students will learn to weigh the concerns of various stakeholders affected by environmental issues, and formulate policy to address concerns of human health and wellbeing, environmental preservation, and economic feasibility.