7 courses:
  • EN-100

    Basic Writing

    A course intended to help certain students develop fluency, confidence and correct, effective expression. The course stresses the development of thinking skills and introduces the student to the writing process. The student works under the close guidance of an instructor and a peer writing assistant. (Institutional Credit Only)
  • EN-105

    Reading,Thinking, & Writing I

    This course provides a workshop setting in which first-year students explore writing for learning and communication. The seminar focuses on the complementary skills of speaking, listening, responding, and reading and thinking critically. Emphasis in the workshop is on process, peer group work, and constant revision. Students produce a portfolio of writing for evaluation at the end of the semester, which includes critical and analytical nonfiction writing, as well as personal narrative. Conferences with instructors and writing assistants outside of class supplement in-class workshops. EN 105 (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for all literature and writing courses.
  • EN-106

    Reading,Thinking,&Writing II

    This course focuses on critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. Practice in writing reports, proposals, and annotated bibliographies challenges students to engage all skills emphasized in the course. To further encourage deep critical thinking and more textured and sophisticated college-level writing and research, texts used may be interdisciplinary in nature and will be organized around a central theme of the instructor's choice and expertise. Themes have included food and politics, poverty, social media, place, and the American prison system. EN 106 (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for all literature and writing courses.