5 courses:
  • ED-602


    This practicum/seminar is for those candidates earning an additional initial license. Emphasis is placed on student teachers as they demonstrate competency in the standards for licensure. Seminar includes analysis/reflection on key issues in education today. Placement in practicum is in the role of the license sought (150-hour minimum).
  • ED-610

    Educational Research Seminar

    This educational seminar places emphasis on the teacher as researcher. Course coverage includes the nature and basics of education research and methodologies. Using a wide variety of print, non-print, and technology-based resources, students will select, design, and present a literature review surrounding a topic in their field of licensure.
  • ED-611

    Clinical Practicum

    This course is the culminating experience in the MEd program. Emphasis is placed on the advanced student's demonstration of the standards for licensure and on the student's ability to integrate content area knowledge, pedagogical theory, and practice. A weekly seminar component is part of this course. Here candidates will discuss and address current issues as demonstrated in their classroom placements. A total of 150 hours in the field placement (PK-9 or 5-12) is required.
  • ED-620

    InstructionalMeth Nurs Ed

    An analysis of various instructional models/methods and their application to the design of curricula in educational settings to create positive learning environments. Models are discussed in light of course content, objectives, goals, and current research. Focus on problem solving common teaching/learning situations and the relationship between theory and practice. Students must register 3 weeks in advance of first. Prerequisite:NU 670. HYBRID.
  • ED-622

    Assessment/Eval Nurs Ed

    A study of both formal and informal assessment techniques and the components involved in each approach.An analysis of models of outcome assessment and program evaluation and their relationship to classroom/clinical settings. Prereq:NU670,ED620 HYBRID