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  • EC-301

    Sem:American Econ History

    This course examines the development of the American economy from colonial days to the present, with attention given to agriculture, industrialization, labor, transportation and communication, and the changing role of government in American economic life. M/M, P.
  • EC-302

    Sem:Current Econ Problems

    A study of the writings of selected major economists with special attention to the contributions they have made to contemporary economic theory.
  • EC-304

    History of Economic Thought

    This course is a survey of the evolution of economic ideas. Economic theories and policies will be related to the socioeconomic and intellectual climate of their times. Major economic thinkers from Adam Smith to current mainstream economists will be studied, as well as economists critical of their ideas. Prerequisites: EC 201 or EC 202
  • EC-305

    Money and Banking

    This course encompasses a study of the American financial system as it relates to money and banking. Topics will include banking as a business, new developments in banking, the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy and its relation to the problems of unemployment and inflation, international finance, and foreign exchange markets. Prerequisites: MT 209, EC202, or instructor permission
  • EC-306

    Quantitative Methods in Econ.

    A selective introductory treatment of mathematical and statisti- cal techniques commonly used in economics. Mathematical analysis and econometric estimation of demand, supply, cost and production functions. Linear programming and input-output models will be introduced. Students will be given the opportunity to construct and estimate their own models using computer facilities.
  • EC-310

    Public Finance

    Economic analysis of the taxing and spending policies of the federal government as they affect different peoples in our society including those with differing incomes and minority groups. Prerequisite: EC 206
  • EC-311

    International Economics

    Analysis of the economic effects of trade among nations. Theories of trade are examined and are linked to present-day trade patterns and problems. Special attention will be given to multinational entities.
  • EC-312

    Economic Development

    A study of low-income areas and countries in an international context. Techniques of economic analysis applied to problems and policies of growth and development. Prerequisite: EC 203, EC 206
  • EC-313

    Microeconomic Theory

    An in-depth presentation of the theory of resource allocation in a free market setting. Prerequisite: EC 206 (Not offered in 2002-2003)
  • EC-314

    Macroeconomic Theory

    An in-depth examination of income and employment theory, consumption and investment behavior and public policy implications. Prerequisite: EC 203 (Not offered in 2002-2003)
  • EC-317

    Economics of American Industry

    This course is designed to provide the student with an exposure to the basic facts and ideas of American industry and the economic structure which allowed it to flourish. In addition to the exchange of goods and services in American society, this course will examine the political, social, and legal issues of the economic growth of the United States. Prerequisites: Two of the following: EC 201, EC 202, or EC 203
  • EC-319

    Law and Economics

    A consideration of the sources, nature and consequences of legislation regulating economic activity. The economic benefits and costs of laws dealing with major areas such as human rights, labor, trade and markets will be discussed.