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  • CYS-110 Cybersecurity/Lab

    This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of cybersecurity. It covers the development of information security into cybersecurity, cybersecurity theories and its applications to nations and society. In this course, students will be presented with multiple cybersecurity technologies, processes, and procedures. They will learn about how to analyze threats, conduct risk assessments, and develop effective strategies to counter cybersecurity problems. Prerequisite: CS 103
  • CYS-210


    This course examines the basics of cyber threats. Strategies about how to meet these threats, methods of investigation, and countermeasures, will be covered in this course. Students will engage in various exercises and case studies in which they apply methods and theories that represent best practices in the profession of cybersecurity.
  • CYS-220

    Digital Forensics

    This course introduces students to methods and theories regarding digital forensics. Topics include computer storage, networks, data collection, computer architecture, and principles of basic evidence gathering. Students will also learn about how digital forensics best practices are influenced by outside trends and institutions. Prerequisite CYS 110