7 courses:
  • CS-101

    Intro.Comp.Visual Context/Lab

    This course teaches the fundamentals of programming logic. It will use the software program Visual Logic to help focus on the logic of programming using flowcharts. Programming assignments will accompany Visual Logic. Problems will then be solved and written in the programming language Python. Some Python programs will manipulate images. Students will learn methods of problem solving, development of algorithms, designing, coding, debugging and documenting programs.
  • CS-102

    Intro. to Computer Program II

    Additional features of the BASIC language; further development of discipline in program design, in style and expression, in debug- ging and testing, especially for larger programs.
  • CS-103

    Network Applications/Lab

    This course presents an overview of computer hardware and software and provides hands-on experience using Windows, spreadsheet software, creating Web pages, and using the internet.
  • CS-104

    Programming Fund. I/Lab

    This course introduces methods of problem solving, development of algorithms, designing, coding, debugging, and documenting programs. Topics include program development with objects, function calls, and implementation, selection and repetition control structures. Programming assignments in an object-oriented language.
  • CS-105

    Programming Fund.II/Lab

    A continuation of CS 104. Introduces design and implementation of classes, recursion, sorting and searching algorithms, dynamic data types, and advanced data structures such as linked lists. Prerequisite: CS 104