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  • CC-200

    Regis School of Rock

    Regis School of Rock offers the unique experience of learning about the history of rock music with instruments in hand. Rather than learning from a text, these students will learn by doing. This is the perfect venue for students with a desire to learn music, to improve their skills, or to play in a group setting but don't have the time to participate fully in one of our formal ensembles. By the end of the semester students will not only recognize the forms and styles of rock music, they will also have written and performed a song as well as played music in a band setting. No music background and no personal instruments are needed. It is recommended that this be taken as a lab in conjunction with MU 208 History of Rock and Roll; however, students are free to take either one independently. Students need to take 3 semesters of this course in order to earn credit for the Expressive Arts Core Requirement.
  • CC-202

    Leadership for Social Change

    This 1-credit co-curricular course is designed to give seasoned student leaders an opportunity to enhance and improve their leadership skills and take them to the next level. Students will dive deeper into topics such as emotional intelligence, cultural competency, equity literacy, interpersonal communication, problem solving, and the ethics of leadership for use at Regis and beyond. The course will culminate with a student-led co-curricular initiative that puts into practice the leadership skills learned in the course and reflects the values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston.