Academic coaching is available to all Regis students who wish to meet with professional staff in the Learning Commons to ask questions, get connected to services on campus, or seek support tailored to their individual learning needs.

How do I find an Academic Coach?

All incoming freshmen and transfer students are assigned a coach who is available to meet with them beginning the first day they arrive at Regis. If you are not a first-year student or if you do not know to whom you have been assigned, please contact Marica Kuchta, Assistant Director of the Learning Commons. Academic coaches are located on the second floor of the Library.

Are there different types of academic coaching?

Our coaches meet with students for many reasons. Some questions are answered quickly, so please feel comfortable dropping by to say hi. Other questions may be better answered in an individual meeting or a small group setting. In addition to individual appointments, we offer learning communities for students to connect with peers and an academic coach in order to explore the college experience and problem-solve barriers related to college success. Coaches also offer small group meetings and workshop series on topics related to specific learning strategies and academic content areas.

As a faculty member, how do I refer students to academic coaching?

If you are a staff or faculty member and know a student you believe would benefit from academic coaching, please raise a Starfish academic coaching referral flag and our assistant director will respond by connecting your student to their academic coach.


Students and faculty are invited to email Cindy Bushey, Director of the Learning Commons or they can visit the Learning Commons to speak with a staff member.