1. Get to as safe a place as possible

2. Call someone for help and support

On Campus:

Off Campus:

* Confidential Reporting Resource

3. Get Medical Attention

Regis will facilitate transportation to a hospital or health professional for medical treatment. Even if there is no obvious sign of physical injury, internal injuries are possible. Early testing and treatment for sexually transmitted illnesses and possible pregnancy can prevent further problems.

Reporting parties should avoid eating, drinking, showering, bathing, douching, or changing clothes before going to the doctor. These activities might result in destroying evidence. Evidence can be collected shortly after a sexual assault has occurred and will be helpful in any subsequent prosecution. It is a good idea to have evidence taken even if a reporting party is uncertain about reporting the assault.

4. Seek Counseling

It is often helpful for reporting parties to seek counseling. The crisis intervention and counseling services provided by Regis (see above) are available to all members of the Regis community regardless of where the assault may have happened.