Addiction in the Digital Age

Panelists at Regis College’s President’s Lecture Series on Health examined the increased prevalence of behavioral addiction in a growing interconnected society.

Holy War on the Hardwood

The Regis College men’s basketball team will make history when it takes the court for its first game of the 2021-2022 season.

Reading with Frederick Douglass

Regis College students will participate in a unique spoken performance of the famed abolitionist and orator’s “What To The Slave is the Fourth of July” speech.

The Science of Success

Tammi Magazzu, associate dean and director of the Center for Health and Wellness, explains the science behind Regis College’s successful response this semester to the pandemic.

Back to School

Jennifer Krusinger Martin, assistant professor of general education, played an integral role in the construction of an area middle school, working to pay homage to the school’s namesakes and prepare for the needs of future learners.

One For All

As president of the nation’s largest union of registered nurses, Zenei Triunfo-Cortez is the voice for more than 175,000 members

Regis College - A Decade of Success

Regis College has seen tremendous success over the past 10 years, with growth in empowerment, innovation and investment, and equity. Witness of some the advances since 2011.