Registration for winter intersession 2021 courses is now live. Would you like to lighten your course load for next semester, get ahead, catch up on your program requirements, or shorten your time to graduation? If you answered yes, an Intersession Course may be right for you.

What is Intersession?

During this year’s extended break between the fall and spring semesters, Regis College is offering an additional selection of courses that will allow you to complete a full-semester course in two or four weeks. Regis Intersession is an intensive learning experience that covers the same content and maintains the same academic standards as courses offered during the 15-week semester.

What you can expect

A fast-paced course: You will be completing any course taken during the winter intersession in a compressed timeframe, and this will probably require some time management on your part. For a three-credit class, be prepared to spend a significant part of each day devoted to your coursework and engaged in class readings, online discussions, video lectures, and other assignments.

All winter intersession courses will be offered remotely and no courses will require in person sessions on the Regis campus. Students should check the course description to see if the course has scheduled sessions (also known as synchronous) or if the course can be completed at your own pace (asynchronous). Some courses will combine both modes and have scheduled as well as unscheduled sessions.

Current Students

Current students should contact their advisor and any visiting students should contact the Registrar's Office prior to registering for Intersession courses.

Visiting Students

Whether looking to get ahead or finish a prerequisite course, Regis College has you covered. Visit our course registration page to get started.

To see a list of intercession courses that may benefit you, click the button below, then click 'advanced search" and then "term" to select your preferred term.