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Applied Behavior Analysis/Autism Center

Jacquelyn MacDonald, PhD
Assistant Dean, Behavioral Science
Specialty: Applied behavior analysis, skill acquisition, parent training

Diana Parry-Cruwys, PhD
Assistant Professor, Applied Behavior Analysis
Specialty: applied behavior analysis, early intensive behavior intervention

Jillian Wilson
Program Director (online), Assistant Professor Applied Behavior Analysis
Specialty: Applied behavior analysis, pediatric feeding issues


Biomedical Engineering

Brian Plouffe, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Speciality: biomedical engineering, entrepreneurship



Colleen Malachowski, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communications
Specialty: romantic relationships

Courtney Cole, PhD
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Mass communication


Counseling Psychology

Kevin T. Henze, PhD, CPRP
Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology
Specialty: Addiction and dual-diagnosis recovery

Svetlana Leeds, PSYD
Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology
Specialty: Psychotherapy and cultural competence

Karen Miranda, PhD
Director, Counseling Psychology Program
Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology
Specialty: mental health treatment disparities



Robert "Bob" Duhainy, PhD
Associate Professor of Cybersecurity
Specialty: Cybersecurity, Management Information Systems, Law and Government


Dental Hygiene

Denise Tetreault, MEd
Associate Professor
Specialty: clinical dental hygiene, dental local anesthesia

Karen Hallisey-Pesa, DMD
Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene
Specialty: general dentistry, Pharmacology, Medical Emergencies

Maryse Rodger, MBA
Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene
Specialty: clinical dental hygiene, dental materials


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Cory Finn
Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Specialty: sonography: abdomen, vascular


Early Childhood

Rebecca Putnam
Director of the Children's Center



Lauren Bent, EdD
Associate Program Director, EdD in Higher Education Leadership
Associate Professor of EdD in Higher Education Leadership
Specialty: Higher education: fundraising, women in leadership, women who return to college after children, international higher education

Priscilla Boerger, EdD
Department Chair, Education
Program Director, Master of Teaching and EdD in Higher Education Leadership
Specialty: Higher education leadership

Heather Maietta, EdD
Associate Professor of EdD in Higher Education Leadership
Specialty: Higher education: college-to-career, preparing students for post-graduation opportunities, workforce development issues, T-shaped professional, first generation college students, doctoral student mentoring

Julie Spector
Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
Specialty: Special education


Global Business and Strategic Management

Elizabeth Pitney Seidler, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics
Specialty: Economics, Health Economics

John Christie, PhD
Director, BA in Global Business Management
Specialty: International Business, Real Estate

Charlene Geary, PhD
Assistant Professor of Global Business Management
Specialty: Organizational Behavior and Culture, Real Estate

Christopher Kubik, DBA
Professor of Finance and Accounting
Director, Honors Program
Director, Early College Programming
Specialty: Corporate finance, Investment, Entrepreneurship

William Koehler, PhD
Dean, School of Business and Communication
Specialty: Entrepreneurship, Marketing strategy


Health Administration

Mary Ann Hart, MSN, DNP(C)
Associate Professor of Health Administration


Health and Fitness (Exercise Science, Nutrition, Sport Management)

Devin Cashman, MS, LAT, ATC
Assistant Professor, Health and Fitness Studies

Elizabeth Conant, MEd, EdD
Assistant Professor, Sport Management

Catherine Fuller, PhD
Assistant Dean of Health Sciences

Carrie Thomas, PhD, RD
Assistant Professor, Public Health
Assistant Professor, Health and Fitness Studies


History/Museum/Cultural Tourism

Kathryn (“Kate”) Edney, PhD
Associate Dean, Academic Assessment
Assistant Professor, History and Cultural Tourism Administration
Specialty: American History, Museum Studies, Preservation Studies



Lucia Ortiz, PhD
Chair of Humanities
Professor of Spanish


Medical Imaging

Gary L’Abbe, RT(R)(N)(CT), CNMT
Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging
Clinical Coordinator, BS Completion
Specialty: Nuclear Medicine Technology, Computed tomography, Radiography and radiation sciences

Leonas Nalivaika, MBA
Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging
Program Director of Nuclear Medicine
Specialty: Nuclear medicine, Radiation safety, Natural science, Business practices



Heather Josselyn-Cranson, PhD
Associate Professor of Music and Sister Margaret William McCarthy Endowed Chair of Music



Steve Threlkeld, PhD
Associate Professor and Program Director, Neuroscience
Specialty: Neuroscience, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Traumatic brain injury, Learning and sensory processing


Nursing/Nursing Simulation

Diane Welsh, DNP
Dean, School of Nursing

Karen Crowley, DNP, APRN-BC, WHNP, ANP
Associate Dean Online Nursing
Practice/Research/Specialty Interest: Woman's Health, Health Promotion and Disease prevention, HPV, Advance Practice RN Regulations, Nursing Education, Accreditation, Board of Nursing Regulation

Donna Glynn, PhD, RN, ANP
Associate Dean Pre-Licensure Nursing
Specialty: American Nurses Association (ANA) President, Political/Electoral Issues

Shari Harding
Assistant Professor
Specialities: Mental illness stigma and self-stigma, addiction, psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery

Tracy Magee, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC
Associate Dean Graduate Nursing
Specialty: Children, Autism – Boston Medical Center

Dianna Jones, DNP, CNP, FNP-BC
Director of Health Services


Occupational Therapy

Mary Jean Hughes, EdD
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Specialty: Occupational therapy, Academic fieldwork, Group dynamics/process, Psychiatric assessment and intervention, Pediatric assessment and intervention

Suzanne Rappaport, OTD, OTR/L
Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
Specialty: Occupational therapy community-based practice, Assistive Technology, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Circus arts

Michael Roberts, MS, OTD
Associate Professor and Program Director, Occupational Therapy
Specialty: OT, oncology rehabilitation, Fieldwork education, Accreditation, Gaming in rehabilitation


Online Education

Ericka Hollis
Director of Online Learning
Speciality: Online Education, Higher Education Leadership, Presidential Leadership, Technology Leadership


Philosophy and Religious Studies

Ernest Collamati, PhD
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Joseph Draper, PhD
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Bernard Jackson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Public Health and Disease

Laura Burke, ScD
Dean of Health Sciences
Specialty: Public health, Epidemiology, Nutritional epidemiology

Manuel Cifuentes, ScD
Associate Professor Public Health and Nursing
Specialties: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Occupational health, Environmental health, Quantitative research analysis

Leslie Mandel, PhD
Associate Professor of Public Health
Specialties: Public health, Policy and advocacy, Social determinants of health, Leadership, Health care structure, Workforce development, Qualitative research

Richard T. Pulice, PhD, MPH, CPH
Professor of Public Health
Specialties: Public health, Epidemiology, Psychiatric epidemiology, Serious mental illness, Refugee health, coronavirus



Leslie Bishop, PhD
Department Chair-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Associate Professor of Chemistry


Social Work

Donette Considine, PhD
Program Director MSW
Associate Professor of Social Work
Specialty: Clinical practice with adolescents and adults, Couples therapy; Teaching-research, Human behavior, Clinical practice

Jude Gonsalvez, PhD
Program Director of the Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW)
Associate Professor of Social Work

Lisa Gray, PhD
Assistant Professor of Social Work (online Masters of Social Work)
Specialty: Clinical practice with children and families, treatment of psychosocial traumas, Military families; Teaching-diversity, Clinical practice, Human behavior

Mininder (Mimi) Sodhi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Social Work (online MSW)
Specialty: Substance abuse, Mental health, Teaching-field education, Addictions, Clinical practice, Diversity


Therapeutic Recreation

Tarah Loy
Program Director of Therapeutic Recreation
Specialty: Recreational therapy, gerontology