The Academic Center for Excellence offers a series of academic skills workshops called mini-versities. These workshops are designed to help students with their academic needs. The mini-versities take place on Tuesdays during the campus common time, 1 pm - 1:45 pm and on Thursdays, 3:15 pm - 4 pm. All mini-versities take place in the Academic Center for Excellence, which is located in College Hall, Room 383, unless noted otherwise.

If you have questions about upcoming mini-versities, please contact the Academic Center for Excellence at 781-768-8356 or

Mini-Versity Handouts

You Expect Me To Read That?!

PowerPointlessness Is A Word!

How To Be A Great Test Taker

Hybrid Courses?

Skills for Oral Presentations

Regis College Academic Services & Support: Mini-Versity
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Mini-Versity academic skills workshops provided by Regis College Academic Services and Support