Undergraduate Health & Human Services Program Pathways

Promoting Health and Well-being

The Regis pathways in health and human services can take you in many exciting directions.

Health and Fitness Studies

Our program in health and fitness studies offers three separate tracks – sports management, exercise science and nutrition. The sports management track leads to careers in the business of sports, including sports marketing and the management of athletic facilities, and to graduate study in this field. The exercise science track provides the foundation for graduate education in physical therapy, exercise physiology, sports fitness training and other related areas. The nutrition track opens up career possibilities in this growing area of health and wellness and prepares you to enter a master’s program in nutrition.

Social Work

At Regis, the social work major leads to a professional degree, the BSW, and our program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. When you graduate, you will be prepared to receive professional licensure in this field and to work in such varied settings as public agencies, private businesses, hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, police departments and courts. A master’s degree is required to become a therapist. Regis graduates can shorten their route to an MSW through advanced standing admission to our partner graduate programs at Boston College, Boston University and Simmons College. Our social work students can further accelerate their careers by taking graduate courses as juniors and seniors through Regis’ cross-registration with the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work.

Public Health

The Public Health major is a new, interdisciplinary program allowing students to concentrate in one of four areas: public health management (linking to the Regis master’s degree program in health administration), nutrition, women’s health, or biology.

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