First-Year Student Assessment

Self-assessment is a large part of the Regis College first-year experience. As a first-year student, you will be asked to complete a series of comprehensive intake assessments that will help you identify your academic and personal strengths and areas where you may need additional support. The results of these assessments will also help you determine what you would like to accomplish during your college career.

Below you will find descriptions of the intake assessments administered at Regis which include:

  • Accuplacer
  • College Student Inventory


Accuplacer is an online academic skill assessment-testing tool distributed by the College Board. Accuplacer offers a number of tests, but at Regis we administer the elementary algebra, college-level math (when applicable), and WritePlacer assessments to all incoming first-time, first-year students. The results of the assessments are used to help determine course placement in the required first-year math and writing courses. Some transfer students are required to complete the Accuplacer tests at the discretion of the Director of Academic Advising. In addition, adult learners who have not taken a math and/or writing course in a while may also be asked to complete testing.

Scheduled testing sessions are offered on campus prior to the July Summer Orientation. To sign up online, and for more information about Accuplacer placement testing, please visit our sign-up page.   

College Student Inventory (CSI)

  • The CSI is a web-based, 40-minute, 194-item survey that gives a measure of your academic and personal strengths and identifies areas where you should seek additional support.
  • The CSI will be administered during the first week of your First Year Seminar class.
  • After completing the CSI, you will meet with your first-year faculty advisor to review the results, set goals that will help you to build upon your academic strengths, and get assistance in the areas where you need improvement.
  • If you have questions about the CSI, contact Karin Plumadore at or 781-768-7430.
Regis College Academic Services & Support: First-Year Student Assessment
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Self-assessment for first-year students provided by Regis College Academic Services & Support