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Exploring Liberal Arts and Teaching

If you are interested in a teaching career, the Regis College Education Programs can help you achieve that goal. A long-standing tradition at Regis is the linking of the liberal arts and teacher education. In addition to the license to teach, students have the all the benefits of their specific liberal arts majors.

Students may pursue licenses to teach at the early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary levels. Appropriate majors for students earning early childhood and elementary licensure are English, history, liberal studies, mathematics, political science, psychology, sociology, Spanish, and individually designed. Majors for middle school licensure are mathematics and mathematics/science. Secondary licensure programs include English, history, mathematics, and Spanish.

The teacher licensure programs place students in school settings for each of the four years. Students who qualify may enroll in up to three graduate level courses that count toward both the undergraduate degree and a graduate level program. In this manner students may complete a baccalaureate licensure program and an additional license, as a teacher of students with moderate special needs, in an additional semester. Students may also use the three-course option to enroll in other master’s programs, such as professional writing.

Graduates from the Regis College Education Programs are found in many educational roles: teachers, principals, department heads, and curriculum specialists. If you are interested in teaching, you may qualify to add yourself to that impressive list.

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