Public Relations Concentration

The Public Relations Concentration prepares students to enter the fields of public relations. Students who focus on public relations will gain an understanding of the contributions and responsibilities of public relations departments in organizations in both the private and public sectors. Students will gain insight into the promotion of products, planning and publicizing major events, and building relationships with people in a variety of settings. The Public Relations Concentration will prepare students for internships and careers in this field as well as in the areas of advertising and marketing. 

  • CO 206 Introduction to Public Relations*
  • CO 209 Communication Media*
  • CO 334 Public Relations: Theory & Practice *
  • CO 304 Advanced Public Speaking
  • CO 322 Organizational Communication
  • CO 219 Journalism
  • CO 220 Feature Writing
  • CO 404A Internship*

* Indicates required for the concentration

Courses Business & Social Science Pathway

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